Who's Me? I'm Arash Amirnezami

Aspirational; a trait I am proud of.  My journey in graphic design began as a combination of me being curious to what this Photoshop Express was that had come on my brand new computer and a TV show I was obsessed with.  Combine these two and you get a website I am not too proud to show off today, though it did serve it’s purpose and motivated me to continue.

My artwork began in 2001, junior high for me.  From there I have further developed my art by creating countless websites for video game clans I associated with online.  Around this time I opened the doors of Phyco Designs, and if you’re wondering I didn’t spell “psycho” wrong. 

Phycology – the study of algae; phykos is Greek for seaweed

I adopted this name to be unique and also a metaphor to my artwork as I attempt to make things flow… like seaweed.

In high school I found the Regional Occupational Program (ROP) and with the help of my instructor I gained experience in silk screening (t-shirt design and printing) and lithography offset (design and printing of stationary, box art, business cards, etc).

Today, I am a college student majoring in Business Administration.  This hobby of mine has turned into a decent part time job as well as a resume thickener with the awards I have accumulated.  This website exists for the purpose to present my artwork and resume to potential customers.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, thank you.

Click below for my resume.